This page contains links to files relating to pool equipment, servicing and general information on safety we are making available for FTP download. In the file's description, under the Format section, click the appropriate link to begin downloading.

This page is still under construction.

Note: All file sizes are approximate, download times may vary depending on connection speeds.  All material is in PDF format which can be read with the Adobe Reader.

The following documents are in PDF format and are valuable source material for understanding our service and what is involved in maintaining your investment.  If you have any questions about the documents please email with questions:

"An Evaluation of Swimming Pool Alarms" (Good evaluation on different types of safety alarms to protect your loved ones)

"Aqualink owners manual"  (We have access to a number of Jandy manuals as we are Jandy Certified.)

"Cyanurics Benefactor or Bomb" (This paper is a valuable in understanding stabilizer and its role in water chemistry. Supplied by Professional Pool Operators of America.)

"Six Step Guide" (Provided by Shasta Pool Company gives brief guide lines to maintaining your pool.) 

"Water Balancing Guide Lines Card"  (Guide lines for maintaining your water balance. Provided by Shasta Pool company)


We recommend these information links as they relate to pool safety and your children.  We endorse all pool fencing and other barriers to keep your children safe. 

We endorse Katchakid.  Follow the link for further information.




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