Our weekly service is based on a 48 week year.

Weekly service includes “basic chemicals” such as chlorine, muriatic acid, and sodium bicarbonate. We provide shock, stabilizers, algaecides, sequestering agents, clarifiers as well.

Our customer base is from word of mouth and pool company referrals. Alphawave provides a high level of quality service and commitment to maintaining your pool and/or spa. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Service includes:
        · Skim Pool Surface
        · Pool sweep
        · Vacuum/Backwash as required
        · Clean salt cell as required
        · Brush Tile
        · Clean Skimmer Basket
        · Clean Pump Basket
        · Test Chemical Levels (Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness)
        · Balance Chemical Levels
        · Document Test Results and Maintain Scheduling of Filter Cleaning
        · Inspect Pool Equipment & Recommend Additional service/ repair if required

We make suggestions from time to time on modifications and upgrades.  We base our suggestions on money savings and more efficient performance.

Alphawave is insured and all operators are certified as Certified Pool Operators.

Our weekly service customers are billed in arrears and net 15 is extended.  We email, mail and provide online payment options for invoicing payments, and estimites.

We reserve a $25.00 dollar reserve on parts without notification.  Any and all parts and service beyond this scope ($25.00 to $500.00) customer will be notified for verbal approval.  Any work beyond this scope a written estimate will be provided.

Alphawave reserves the following weeks for non-service and vacation.  One week during Thanksgiving week.  The week after Christmas and 1 week in Spring and Fall will be extended and notification will be provided on Web site and on pool service slips.

Weekly service slips will be left on the most recent service. 

Average weekly service pricing is dependent upon landscaping, volume of water and equipment set.  Also our weekly rates are dependent upon the number of subscribers within a given service area. 

Repair calls are billed $95/hour billed in 15 min increments thereafter.  Established weekly service customers receive discounted rates.

Calls and emails are answered throughout the day. Usually within an hour.



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